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Chùm thơ của Liam Wilkinson

Trần Thu Trang, dịch từ các trang Simly Haiku Prune Juice, với sự chấp thuận của tác giả Liam Wilkinson. (Nếu không có gì trở ngại, bạn hãy viết lời bình luận bằng tiếng Anh để tác giả có thể đọc được, xin cảm ơn!)


Muộn làm mất
Chiếc áo sạch duy nhất
Là áo chim cò.


Hai cằm rồi
Tôi đến phải nuôi
Râu đúp.


Khi đoàn tàu rời ga
Lớp mascara của nàng
Tuôn chảy.


  1. MXX says:

    I like the translation. It’s funny. Can u give some more?

  2. Nhat Co says:

    I follow all the links but don’t see English version of the last poem. The two above are witty both in English and Vietnamese.

  3. Nguyen says:

    I like the poem and your translation is creative and funny.

  4. Admin says:

    All: Thanks for your comments. At least, you made me think that I was successful in translating “senryu”, a very pithy and witty type of poems.

    MXX: I translated more than three, but the rest seem to be out-of-tone translation. So I’d rather draw a curtain over them.

    Nhat Co: The last poem was in Issue 1 Winter 2009.

  5. Lizzy C says:

    Thanks Liam and Trang. I like the first poem very much. I used to be in an awkward situation when my only available suit was maternity dress. :))

  6. Katahuma says:

    Great job! I know it’s not easy to translate this kind of poems. You’ve fully transmitted the ideas of the poet.

  7. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Denis Garrison, Liam Wilkinson. Liam Wilkinson said: A few of my senryu have been translated into Vietnamese: #senryu #micropoetry [...]

  8. Hien says:

    Ha ha ha… I like No.3 most ;) ) It’s really logical, funny and weird :D

  9. Bùi Hồng Vân says:

    This is the funniest translated poem that I have ever read. Thanks for all authors. ^_^

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